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10-28 Night Bluefish Report
 Very Good Fishing for Jumbo Blues
The Big Blue's have arrived and Blue fishing was very good last night. We were chumming and caught most of the fish on bait.
The big Jamaica sailed last night and the Pamount will sail next week on Friday and Saturday night leaving 7:30 p.m.
For further information call 732-528-5014
10-26 Canyon Report
The Thursday/Friday canyon trip was slow. We caught a few tuna and 45 mahi mahi.
Friday Night Canyon Report
Nice Yellowfin, Big Longfin, & Bluefin
The Friday night trip was much better. We stopped about 70 miles offshore and put our limit of 3 school bluefin tuna into the boat rather quickly.
We released a couple more after that and then headed off to 100 Fathom line.
We only had one swordfish bite at night but at 6:30AM the tuna schooled under the boat and begin to bite.
At first it was large long fin and then, yellow fin began to bite.
We had good action until about 9 a.m. when the bite finally died.
We also landed a few Mahi-Mahi.
It looks good for the trips this week. After a short blow Sunday and early Monday the winds look favorable for the 31hr trips, Tuesday/Wednesday, and Thursday/Friday.
We also have 22 hour overnight trip scheduled for 5 p.m. departures on Friday Saturday and Sunday.
You can see our complete schedule at
For further information call 732-528-5014 
10-20 Canyon Tuna Report
We don't have a detailed report for Friday to Saturday tuna. Capt. Howard's daughter got married this weekend! Needless to say, it was quite busy around Bogan's Basin for the entire weekend. Friday night we caught several Longfin and our limit of 3 bluefin along with a number of Mahi-mahi.

Below are some pictures from the trip. Scroll down for more detailed, recent reports and photos. We have space on several dates in October and November.

Call for reservations 732-528-5014

10-16 Canyon Tuna Report
We started out the trip catching mahi mahi. It started slowly but improved as the morning went on.
As sundown was approaching we decided to find a spot to settle for tuna for the night. We found an area with quite a bit of bird life, a slick, and a Mako feeding on the surface. Now while it might seem contrary to fish for tuna in an area where there's a Mako actively feeding, it was the liveliest area we had seen. A short time into the drift after dark we landed two nice Longfin Tuna and a swordfish.
We later caught another small swordfish that had to be released and another longfin. As the drift continued Ron Taurick landed a nice swordfish that weighed about 150lbs.
We had a few more bites after that but it was slow so we made a move to start to the drift over again.
We had a couple of tuna bites and several more shark bites but it was quiet until the morning. We relocated on the edge of the bank in about 750 feet of water and caught about 10 more Mahi on our first drift. We ran up and made another drift where we read some tuna but only caught another 10 mahi.
After that we headed to an area about 20 miles inshore where we had previously caught some bluefin tuna. It did not take long to land our limit of three Bluefin and release a few others.
Pedro Decosta and Jeff Simpson each landed one on a sardine bait on a flat line. Another angler landed one on a jig and lost another on a jig.
A couple more were caught on bait and released.

Canyon trips will sail through November 10th. We are running 31 our trips leaving Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 a.m. And 22 hour overnight trips sailing Friday Saturday and Sunday at 5 p.m. For further information call the office at 732-528-5014 or go to our website at
We are also taking reservations for giant sea bass trips that sail in November and December. Some dates are booking up already so it is recommended you book as soon as you can.
A big thanks to Ron Taurick who not only fed the crew but, also many of the passengers this trip. Breakfast and lunch both days of the trip, all on a George Foreman grill. Thanks Ron, you certainly deserved that 150LB swordfish!

10-14 Canyon Tuna Report
 Fishing was slow until 5AM when we hooked and landed a swordfish. A little while later tuna began to school under the boat and we started to get a few bites.
At one point a large Mako was hooked and ran under the boat and leaped eight times before it broke the line.
After that we landed a couple of Yellowfin and would have landed another except the mako returned and ate the yellow fin.
We caught a couple of long Fin, lost a few more fish and then the bite died after that.
We spent a little time mahi fishing after that and landed about 90 of them. We made one more stop for tuna and put two Blue Fin in the boat.
10-10 Canyon Tuna Report
Tuesday/Wednesday Oct. 10-11
We had a good Canyon trip on the Tuesday to Wednesday 31 hour trip.
We started the day with good Mahi-mahi fishing.
After catching plenty of mahi mahi we switched over to tuna fishing. We had a quick run off and then it was quiet.
Just before sundown we moved a short distance and set up on another drift.
It was quiet until around 10:30 p.m. when we had a several run-off's, then we landed two nice yellowfin.
Around midnight we had some more bites when tuna schooled underneath the boat and begin to feed. At that point we landed 5 of 9 fish hooked.
At 2:30 we hooked up a couple of more fish which turned out to be a 56" swordfish and a large long fin.
Around 4 a.m. we landed another good size longfin. After that we had another shot of several fish on, and landed four more.
After sunrise we began to read tuna under the boat and landed and another big Longfin.
Most of the fish were caught on bait, and a few on Jigs.
The last couple of seasons sardines have been the hot bait but, last night butter fish we by far the best bait.
Unfortunately the weather has turned for the worse and we won't be making it out on our Thursday trip but it looks like we'll be able to sail on Friday night and Saturday night.
The big Jamaica scheduled to sail to the Canyon through early November.
31hr Trips sail at 7AM every Tuesday and Thursday.
22hr Trips sail at 5PM every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
We are also taking reservations for Giant Sea Bass trips that's sail in November and December.
For further information call 732-528-5014.
Not only were the tuna feeding on this trip but a special thanks to Ben Duckworth from Factoryville, PA for his delicious biscuits and gravy and pot roast dinner and Nader "Bravo Nader" Gebrin for the great Chicken Parmesan, the crew was well fed too. 
10-6 Canyon Tuna Report
Trip returned 10-6-2017
The first part of the trip we fished for mahi mahi and had excellent fishing with a number of good size fish.
After that we tried a couple of stops anchored and drifting but, had no luck.
Around 9 p.m. we settled along the hundred fathom line in an area that looked fishy.
It was a rather uneventful night except for some Mahi-mahi and a number of squid that were caught.
Finally, around 6:30AM, four yellowfin struck at the same time, and we landed three.
After that we had a lull and then began to pick, getting bites until it was time to go home.
Most of the fish were caught on bait but, we did land one on a jig and lost a couple that were hooked on jigs.
FAHRIDUL KHONDAKER (FARID) from Springfield, Virginia
Caught 2 nice Yellowfin and several Mahi-Mahi.
There is some space available on upcoming trips.
You can check out our complete schedule at
Or call 732-528-5014.
We are so also taking reservations for Giants Sea Bass trips that will sail in November and December.
On Thanksgiving Day we will have a striped bass special from 6 a.m. till noon. 
10-4 Canyon Tuna Report
Tuesday/Wednesday Returned 10/4
We had a good Canyon trip Tuesday to Wednesday. We started out fishing for Mahi-mahi. It was slow at first but then we had several drifts where they bit their heads off. Mahi were flying over the rail. We stayed with the mahi until a little before sunset.
We then set up in an area, in deep water (+2000'), where there was a lot of bait, bird life, a couple of Whales, and good readings.
It looked like it was going to be good but, a bite never developed.
We made another drift in the same area but still no luck, so we relocated closer to the 100 fathom line.
It was quiet until 4 a.m. when we boated two smaller yellow fin.
After that an angler had another strike and it looked like the fish was going to be in the boat in a minute. However, that was not to be. Most likely it was a large swordfish and once it realized it was hooked, it took off like a freight train.
It took the angler around the boat until the line finally parted.
It was quiet again until 6 a.m. when the tuna started to school underneath the boat and began to bite.
We kept reading fish coming and going under the boat.
It was a slow pick. We hooked up from 1 to 3 fish at a time. They were mostly nice yellow fin from 60 - 80 pounds and a couple of big long fin.
Later in the morning we had a nice Marlin and two yellowfin hooked up at the same time. The Marlin jumped numerous times and I thought I had some good video footage but it didn't work out.
Pedro DeCosta landed two nice Yellowfin and a big Longfin in the last hour if the trip.
There is still some space on the trip sailing this weekend at 5PM and trips scheduled throughout​ October and into November.
We are also taking reservations for Giant Sea Bass trips that sail in November and December.
For further information call 732-528-5014 or go to 
10-2 Canyon Tuna Report
We had a pretty good trip to the canyon Sunday night into Monday. The weather calmed down from the previous night and fishing conditions were good.
When we arrived on the grounds at night we made several drifts and caught a number of Mahi-mahi.
The Mahi were decent size and were caught on bait and bucktails. Bait accounted for most of the fish.
After we landed about 75 Mahi we anchored up for the night to fish for tuna.
We had a few runoffs through the night but, did not get many bites until first light.
After that we started reading quite a few Yellowfin underneath with a boat. We caught a few and lost several as the fish weighed from 60 to 90 lbs.
One longfin was caught on a jig and a couple other fish were hooked but lost on Jigs.
We kept getting bites every now and then on, until it was time to go home. At one point we had three fish hooked up at once.
We landed 6 nice Yellowfin and one Longfin, 75 Mahi-mahi, and several tilefish.
It is looking better for our upcoming trips.
There is still space available on the trip leaving 7 a.m. Thursday And also 5 p.m. Friday night and Sunday night.
31hr Trips sail 7 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.
22hr overnight trips Sail 5PM every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
For our complete schedule go to or call the office at 732-528-5014.
We are also taking reservations for giant sea bass trips that sail in November and December. 
9-30 Canyon Tuna Report
 Just as the sun went down tuna schooled under the boat. We put three nice Yellowfin in the boat, lost another one and the bite turned off.
Eugene Evans hooked up first on bait. Mike Houdart from Marlton, NJ hooked up two on an 8 oz Chrome Hammered jig and got them in the boat rather quickly. Another fish was hooked but it broke off. The fish we landed were nice-sized Yellowfin.
We read fish on and off throughout the night and also caught some nice Mahi while we were drifting at night but the tuna bite never turned on again.
Mahi fishing was very good we had just over 150 Mahi in the boat.
There's still space on the trip sailing 5 p.m. Sunday night. If you would like to go just be down by 4 p.m. We will return Monday around 3 p.m.
Further information go to

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